Skincare - Facials


Our trained estheticians will take you step-by-step through a skin analysis and multi-layered skincare treatment specifically for your skin type and special needs. Product recommendations will be made for home care if you desire. 

Express Facial | $40 (no extractions or machine work)

Signature Facial | $55

Back Facial focuses on the skin on your back | $55

Microdermabrasion | $65

Express Microderm | $40

Cryofacial - Instant Facelift | $200



Our waxing specialists will help you to assess your needs and goals. A plan will be created to help you to achieve and maintain your goals in regard to hair removal. Prices may be reduced over time, if you are able to maintain a maintenance routine, making your hair thinner and easier to remove.


Brow | $12                                                                         Lip or Chin | $12

Underarm | $20                                                              Complete Arm | $30 and up

Back | $50 and up                                                         Chest | $25 and up

Lower Leg | $40                                                             Upper Leg | $40

Complete Leg | $75