Firm pressure is applied to various points throughout your hands and feet to evoke a healing response and set your mind at ease.

30 minutes | $50   60 minutes | $75

Ear Candling


A therapeutic procedure that removes wax from your ears and leaves you feeling great. Indicated for sinus and balance issues or to promote an overall sense of well-being.

The treatment lasts about 45 minutes | $40

Candles are also available for purchase for at-home use.


Reiki & Energy Work


Energy healing in the broad sense is the practice of working with the human energy field to restore and promote health, balance, vigor, and overall well-being. Human beings have many facets-physical, mental, emotional, spiritual. When there is a disturbance in one facet, it will often affect the others, especially over time.


Reiki and other forms of energy-based healing simply seek to restore and balance proper flow to a person's energy systems. Our practitioners channel universal life force, or 'ki,' into the body/energy field to help restore energetic flow and balance. Once a balanced flow is achieved, healing on all levels can occur. The energy that creates the body is the energy that heals the body.


60 minutes | $75    90 minutes | $100