Detox Services


Please click below for more information regarding our detoxification services. A new client intake can be printed and brought in with you for your first visit. Please be sure to read through contraindications prior to scheduling your session. 

For Sauna services, please be sure to bring 2 large bath towels and 2 hand towels. If you are unable to bring your own towels, they can be provided at a charge. 

Ask about specials and promotions. 

Why do you need a Health Coach?


A health coach fills a unique role in today's health revolution...

Often, individuals know that they need to make changes, or they are told they need to by their health care providers, but they don't know exactly how to go about doing it.  A health coach is the how of this equation.


A health coach seeks to educate and support their clients to achieve their health goals through the areas of Nutrition, Lifestyle, and Behaviors.  By exploring these areas, we discover what will bring you success and what might be holding you back.  Working at a pace that is comfortable for you, we will co-create a wellness vision and develop step-by-step strategies to help you achieve this vision. 


Whether your goals are to lose weight, feel less stress, increase energy, avoid chronic illness, transform your family's eating habits, receive guidance and support while trying to adapt to new dietary restrictions or just to get plain healthier... A health coach can help you navigate the sometimes overwhelming world of contradictory advice to figure out what works for you and your family. 


And, since nothing is a one size fits all, we work together to find out what works.  Just for you!


It is also important to know what a health coach is not...


A health coach is not a doctor nor are they a mental health counselor.  They do not diagnose or treat conditions, nor do they prescribe medications.  Depending on the individual's certifications, coaches can recommend specific practices for you.


Personally, by utilizing my background as a yoga/meditation teacher and an outdoor educator, I might recommend certain practices to relieve mental and physical tension, but only if you choose to use them.

Health Coaching Services & Packages


Individual Coaching Services

Introductory Session/Initial Consultation:  Free

Meet with a health coach for a 30 minute Q&A opportunity to assess if health coaching is a service whose benefits you are ready to explore.



One-on-one sessions: $70

These one-on-one, customized sessions will be 60 minutes long and will benefit those that prefer to proceed on an "as needed" basis.


One-on-one mini health coaching sessions: $45

A mini health coaching session will be 30 minutes long and is available to any client who has completed any of the package services below or has concluded at least two 60 minute one-on-one sessions.


Package Services

Kick Start a Healthier You | $130 (2 sessions/2 weeks)

Condensed coaching over the span of two weeks.  This can help to kickstart your health by refining your goals and creating a clearer vision of your healthiest self.



A Compact Journey | $358 (6 sessions/6-12 weeks)

Intended for those who are ready to put in the effort and make lasting changes to their health, but who are also in need of meeting a goal(s) in a shorter amount of time.  This package also includes email and/or text support between sessions.


Confidence in Commitment | $740 (12 sessions/12-24 weeks)

This package is perfect for those who are ready to transform their health but know that true change requires commitment and consistency. Vibrant health and positive choices can take time to become a habit.  This is the package to implement that very concept.  Twelve one-on-one coaching sessions, either weekly or bi-weekly, also includes email/text support and special incentive gifts for goals met and exceeded.  This is the push for a true transformation for a healthier lifestyle. 


Other services available upon request:

  • Kitchen and Pantry Makeovers

  • Grocery Shopping Tour

  • Holistic Health Parties

  • Interactive Health Seminars for Families, Seniors, and Corporate Wellness

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